The objective was to improve communications within the school, to pupils, staff and parents.
The Stamford Endowed Schools guide boys and girls through their education from ages 2 to 18, equipping them with solid academic foundations, a confidence to achieve and a broad range of experiences beyond the classroom.


Nick Faux, the schools’ Director of ICT, started on a rolling process of installing CAYIN digital signage systems with four players in the Girls’ High school, four in the Boys’ school (including the new 6th form centre) and a further system in the Junior School. The systems were connected to flat screen displays around the reception, corridors and canteen areas of the school.
Use of System

The digital signage system was introduced by Audio Visual Material, CAYIN’s certified distributor in the UK. The equipment was installed over a two year cycle following the success of the initial trial year. The system allows each school to publish its own independent information, as well as giving the facility to broadcast campus wide messages when necessary. The CMS-MINI server also allows for intra-school communications.

“The simple-to-use interface with the CAYIN system presented me with no problems, after the initial training. The system is used to deliver daily notices, lost and found messages, birthday announcements and urgent summons to students. Word quickly reaches the students,” said Nicola Wileman, Head of Reception.

“We have a rolling sequence of pictures or videos taken at recent events or trips, and also broadcast local travel announcements and RSS news feeds or streaming video from the BBC. Additionally, the system gives us the opportunity to advertise up and coming events and plays and also show reviews”

Nick Faux has been impressed with the service from CAYIN. “We spread this installation over two years, partly to fit in with our budgets but also to ensure that the CAYIN system was the right one for us. The hardware has been extremely reliable and has given us very few problems and I have particularly appreciated CAYIN’s willingness to respond to queries and give us on-going support and advice.”

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