With more than 23,500 students from 130 different countries, Exeter is a truly international university. As students and staff return to the campuses of Exeter for the beginning of the new academic year, INTO University of Exeter has

strived to ensure robust measures have been put in place to ensure teaching, study and social spaces are COVID-19 secure for students. With the health and wellbeing of students taking overriding priority, the University of Exeter has worked hard over the summer to ensure that all of its campuses are equipped with COVID-19 secure solutions.

Real- time capacity management

Working with our trusted AV partners, NowSignage has delivered a capacity management solution that counts people entering campus buildings to regulate the number of people allowed in that given space, in line with governmental restrictions. Regulating the flow of people is a government requirement, and it is the university’s responsibility to monitor this in order to ensure the safety of both students and staff.

To deliver this solution, the NowSignage Capacity Management app communicates with a Hikvision dual-lensed camera and then harnesses the power of a Philips PDS android SoC displays, to visualise the live capacity count on screens located at the building entrances. Installing a ‘people counting sensor’ on your entrances and exits will provide an accurate live data stream to help you make informed and decisive decisions. NowSignage can aggregate real-time data across single or multiple entrances to display a real-time numerical value of the total number of people in any given location at one time.

Tom Ross, Commercial Director at NowSignage: “We are living in some unusual times and it is
the responsibility of universities to regulate flow to ensure the safety of students and staff. Universities therefore need to adapt accordingly and, crucially, very quickly. We have the most robust solution on the market to promote a safe environment and give your students confidence.”

Wherever students are, in the current climate and into the foreseeable future, the requirement for safer social distancing is a new reality. Whether in a lecture theatre, a library, or a common room, managing the number of people on premises has never been more important.

Use capacity data to improve student safety on campus

A major benefit of the NowSignage Capacity Management solution is the way people counting data can be exported as reports for in-depth analysis. Using this data provides universities with the necessary insight to understand the attendance rates and flow of students around campus. For example, this is helping the University of Exeter calculate what number of students are attending their campus buildings, so they can understand which facilities are not being used or those that are being overused. This in turn, enables the university to adapt regulations to adjust the flow of students around campus spaces.

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