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Hosted Server Service

For larger Cayin systems we recommend a Content Management Server. This is one admin place, where user access is controlled and content can be distributed in the most efficient way across the multiple locations.  See the difference options below.

Option One

CMS-SE is licensed software that you install onto your customer's server. The customer has to purchase the signage player upfront.

The benefit of installing CMS-SE onto their own server rather than buying new hardware is:

  • You are using their own tried and tested hardware
  • It is cheaper if the customer wants to scale up to larger deployments


Option Two

Cayin provides a physical hardware server that requires installation onto the customer's network. The customer has to purchase the signage player and the CMS Server upfront.

This method has the following benefits

  • The hardware is only used for signage deployment and not for other applications
  • It is easier to keep the signage network isolated from corporate networks
  • It suits many sizes of organisation as various sizes of server are available up to 250 players.
  • It's flexible, as for larger applications, CMS Servers can be linked together


Option Three

AVM provides a fully managed service.  We host the server for your customer and they pay on a rolling monthly contract with minimum 12 month or 36 month contracts.

Payment is per player and priced according to the scale of the system.  The customer purchases the players they need. AVM sets up the cloud server for the client, and provides helpdesk support for the signage system.


This method has the following benefits:

  • No initial outlay for server hardware costs
  • AVM sets up players prior to despatch so they are ready to connect to cloud
  • Fully supported solution, the end user can call us to assist with group, content management and general help questions
  • Low monthly cost for server hosting