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The ability to reach audiences at scale with a targeted message has driven the rapid growth of digital signage. Multiple sectors from retail and hospitality, entertainment and sport, through to hotel and public services, travel and corporate are benefiting from the provision of eye-catching and relevant content.

The MediaStar digital signage solution combines sophisticated content creation technology with an easy to use interface and a wide range of digital signage assets.

Let Mediastar digital signage not just create a memorable impression, but to reduce the costs of traditional advertising, and create new revenue streams for enterprising users.

Digital signage solutions

The 782 Digital Media Player comes in 2 different variations; the 782-SL and the 782-DS. Both versions can play 4k videos, streams, and images. The 782-DS comes with its own fully featured content creation programme, MediaStar Creator, which will allow you to easily design your own branded signage content for displaying on a number of screens around your organisation.


MediaStar Creator is included with the 782-DS, and there are no re-occurring annual charges or fees. The application can be loaded on to multiple computers to allow multiple users to create content. MediaStar Creator also comes with a number of templates, available in both portrait and landscape along with training videos to help with designing your own signage content.

The distribution of the content is handled by the Media Manager software, a powerful yet easy to use CMS solution for the MediaStar range
of products.

Content creation

System control

Players and portals