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NowSignage is a multi-screen CMS that enables users to upload, schedule and manage content across their screens at the click of a button. Their platform allows the seamless playing of static ads, videos, live YouTube, TV channel streaming, RSS news feeds, dashboards, web views, as well as moderated social media posts and approved apps such as Microsoft PowerBI. They are ideal for controlling digital signage across single locations with tens of screens, or multiple locations with thousands of screens located across different geographical regions.

Features and benefits

Multi-screen content scheduling

Use the intuitive NowSignage platform to schedule content to appear on targeted screens at a specific time or day of the week. This allows users to automate the process of updating screen content to operate at maximum efficiency.

Advanced content types uploads

Upload video and image files to your asset library. The NowSignage technology then optimises your contentautomatically and plays in offline mode in order to maximise performance and reliance on a stable internet connection.

Social media & RSS Feed publishing

NowSignage have built in the most advanced social media search facility on the market. Integrating moderated social media content and RSS feeds into your digital signage displays hugely influences buying decisions.

In-platform App Store & Widgets

Advance your capabilities by activating approved and fully integrated Applications, such as Microsoft PowerBI, Google Traffic, Instant screen messaging...etc. Demonstrate ROI by presenting business critical information to your audience.

Security compliance & enterprise level user controls

We put security at the heart of everything we do. All data sent to the screens is encrypted and fingerprinted against known assets. Advance permissions can be utilised to assign roles and tags that grant users with the required level of control.